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And move things with your miiiinnndd!' Samurai Jack has this in spades. The background music was clearly a parody of "You're the Best" by Joe Esposito. At the end of the montage Luke/Chris points out that "it kinda seems like the Dark Side has a better gym than." Chowder tears this one apart with a montage set to a song in which the last verse is just the word "Best". Watch it today and you're liable to think that the bit was inspired gay date in Ede by DDR. There's even a square dance version of "Eye of the Tiger" playing during the scene. Spoofed in Adam Carolla's The Hammer. A short one appears in the Dark Knight Rises, with Bruce getting back in shape while in the Pit. And again at 6:18, and again and again until he finally gets up around 11:00 to actually start training. Linkara's review points out, and solves, the surprising lack of an '80s power ballad in the background (he went with "You're the Best.

At some point you'll drop to your knees while its raining, and look up into the skkkyyy! Donna is trying to train Cleveland to finally beat his father at their annual holiday boxing match. Schakel deze blokkering uit indien u deze pagina blijft zien. The music even vaguely sounded like the Rocky music. The influence of a demon keeps making the residents of Sunnydale break out into song and dance.

Zootopia : Judy Hopps (Zootopia's first bunny police officer) goes through tough training at the Zootopia police academy, which even includes a boxing match against a rhino. Hard-Work Montage in which a character builds themselves up over time in preparation for a battle or athletic competition. Used with the villain in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, as she Took a Level in Badass. Lampshaded and subverted in The Mighty Boosh episode "Killaroo where Howard's boxing training montage fails to yield any improvement at all. In Shooter FBI Rookie Nick Memphis is trained by ex-marine sniper Bobby Lee Swagger over the course of few days on effective sharpshooting, military tactics and advanced camouflage. "At this point things get rather boring, so I'll skip the details." Mugen is challenged by a so-far undefeatable samurai with mysterious powers, their duel to take place at the next full moon. And he doesn't hire any of the ninjas.

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